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The acquisition market is growing rapidly. The world economy is changing quickly, which means that meeting tomorrow’s challenges through organic growth only is becoming impossible. Talent wars, time constraints, ongoing technology revolution…there are many reasons why the number of strategic transactions is growing.

BestValue is your flexible, outsourced M&A department. We can answer your questions:

  • How do I screen the market and identify the best opportunities?
  • How do I ensure that I’m taking over the company under the best possible conditions?
  • How can I get the seller(s) to stay on board, at the target or group level?
  • How can I protect myself against any potential latent defects discovered after the takeover?
  • How can I limit my own contribution? What leverage can I use? How do I convince the lending institutions?

You’re an individual and you’ve identified the ideal target? BestValue also assists many entrepreneur-buyers through completion of their project. We’re highly focused on risk management and a search for the best possible return on investment.

The buyout package will depend on the buyer’s profile, their situation and their project. But, there’s more to it. It will also depend on the financial structure of the target, the type of assets it holds, the payment terms and conditions negotiated, etc. A financing file must be prepared in great detail and ardently defended. Thanks to its extensive contacts and reputation, BestValue assists you by working hand in hand with its partner network:

  • Public, private and combined investors
  • Business angels,
  • Banks
  • Etc.

Entrusting your acquisition project to BestValue ensures that no detail will be overlooked. It means going further, faster.

Do you want to share your search criteria with us?

Do you want to share your search criteria with us?

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