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BestValue, a company that works for entrepreneurs.

BestValue has handled hundreds of valuation/transfer operations since its founding and it focuses exclusively on managing M&A projects.  Our highly specialised experts, your business advisors, are solely focused on creating and implementing the best solutions.

BestValue’s organisation and entrepreneurial spirit ensure availability, responsiveness and proactivity…essential qualities for M&A.

We get straight to the point. We’re focused on results and value creation, at all levels.

BestValue provides:

  • Reassuring experience
  • Constantly evolving technical skills
  • An extensive network that increases the options available
  • First-rate partners (legal, tax, and real estate experts)

We capitalise on our past successes, in the interest of our clients, and are specialised in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Industry
  • Agri-foods
  • Services

We optimise your operations so that you can buy and sell better.

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Why ?

Because BestValue is near you

We’re convinced that M&A projects require complete trust between the service provider and the client. There are bound to be times when you’re extremely happy and others when you have doubts, so we’ll be at your side at all times to buffer your emotions. We’re more than advisors, we’re also your teammates.

BestValue aspires to excellence

Our files are subject to consistent quality control. We constantly update our knowledge to stay in sync with legal and economic developments. We continuously challenge ourselves to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best possible service.

Because BestValue is pragmatic

As independent contractors ourselves, we exist to provide our clients with the service and expertise they expect from us in a timely manner. We are therefore careful to avoid wasting time and to get to the heart of the matter when carrying out the assignments entrusted to us.

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