We’ll engineer the perfect transaction for you

Transferring a company is complex and managing the process is a full-time job!

Entrusting the sale of your company to BestValue guarantees that:

  • You will have access to a single point of contact throughout the process: a transfer specialist with extensive knowledge,
  • You will discreetly stir up the market to bring competition to the surface to get the best price,
  • All candidates are serious,
  • You will secure your assets and protect your interests in all respects,
  • The transaction will be locked down including, in addition to a competitive price, payment deadlines and terms and conditions, guarantees, floors and ceilings, buyer assistance, etc.,
  • You will save time and be able to focus on the everyday needs of your business despite the evolving context,
  • You can “subcontract” your stress and remain in full control of operations.

Complete or partial sale of shares, of a business, partial split, lease management, etc. What are the tax, social and financial impacts?

Entrusting the sale of your company to BestValue is…the best way to ensure that you will have no regrets after your company has been sold.

How to efficiently pass on your business?

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